Placement Testing

French Placement Testing

The department's goal is to place you into a course that matches your ability and helps you rapidly progress. In order to get course credit for any French course, you are required to take the French placement test, which determines your skill level in French and the appropriate course level for you to start with at Rutgers. 

Entry-level:  Our basic, entry-level course is Elementary French 101.  Note:  According to university policy, students who have had two or more years of High School French cannot receive course credit for Elementary French 101 & 102.  Students with some experience in French and relatively lower placement scores are placed into 121, a refresher course. 

Intermediate:  Intermediate level students begin with 131.

200-level:  Students who place at the "FFW" (or 200-level) are encouraged to take the Advanced Grammar courses (213 & 214) as well as the Introduction to Literature sequence (215 & 216).

300-level:  Students who place at the "FFH" (or 300-level) or who have advanced placement credit can choose among 300 level courses but are also advised to take the Honors Introduction to French Literature sequence (217 & 218).

Students are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Director with any questions about placement.

The department is happy to help identify the correct placement for students who have special circumstances.  Examples include:  a native speaker, a creole speaker, courses taken at other universities, non-academic experience in France, desire to accelerate program, et cetera.

The Placement Test is an on-line program.  Please click here to proceed.