Why French?

Valentina Melikhova

  • Graduation Year: 2018

Valentina Melikhovacurrently TAPIF Assistante d'Anglais for the Académie de Strasbourg (Ribeauville)
French Minor/Political Science Major

During my undergraduate years at Rutgers University, I majored in Political Science and minored in French. My original motivation to minor in French was mostly to not lose all of the progress I had made in my high school language classes. Little did I know, my French Studies at Rutgers University would end up having a much bigger impact on my life. The various classes, events, and projects offered by the French Department have introduced me to the true impact of language and intercultural exchange and inspired in me a passion for taking part in the development of language programs in both the United States and abroad. One of the most interesting and fulfilling paths that French at Rutgers has introduced me to was TAPIF. TAPIF stands for Teaching Assistant Program in France and it is an organization that works under the French Department of Education, allowing native English speakers with French proficiency to work at public schools throughout France. Through TAPIF, I get to directly work in public education and participate in language and culture exchange with my students. Of course, it also gives me the chance to integrate in France's culture and language which is an entirely unique and exciting personal experience. It is one of the best opportunities I have had for professional growth and I am looking forward to bringing back everything I have learned to the United States and implementing it in my future graduate studies in Education Policy.

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