Why French?

Youssef Eweis

  • Graduation Year: 2018

Youssef EweisBachelors in Science: Mechanical Engineering major, Astrophysics major, and French - Literary Studies major
Currently an astrophysics PhD candidate at Iowa State University.

When you decide to major in French at Rutgers, you embark on an incredible journey through past generations of French artists. The bigger your imagination, the more vividly the French culture invigorates you. I lived through these artists' pasts, and will see the world differently because of it. I feel like I have a more complete understanding of the world; something that is arguably lacking for majors in STEM disciplines. Even though, I find joy in studying physics, a major in the humanities strengthens that joy by increasing my capacity to get more out of life. I also feel much more open minded, considering not only the transition to Art from Science, but also studying among a very high female to male ratio. I would say that Jean Claude Eugene is the ideal example of the potential of a French speaking scientist, someone who is known for his "clarity of style sharp minded views and well performed experiments". I believe the fluency of the language is better for thinking. I am very glad I studied abroad in Paris over the summer. I visited as many different places as I could have, and I met a lot of unique people. The department was very helpful and made the experience very enjoyable! My interdisciplinary thesis was also very special for me, "La lumière émise par des amas globulaires détruits situés au centre galactique": Analyses et simulations scientifiques et poétiques", because I had a space to be as imaginative as I wanted without the constraints of traditional education. I feel part of a very special group of people that have connected the highly imaginative thoughts of poets with the logical constrained theories by physicists. Best of luck at Rutgers :)

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