Junior Year Abroad - MICEFA

MICEFA - Paris (Spring or Academic Year)

[apply through the Rutgers Study Abroad Office]

The University of Paris consists of 13 campuses, each of which has a distinct character and its own academic specialties. The partnership Rutgers has established with MICEFA (Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Echanges Franco-Americains) allows you to select the campus and courses that best match your proficiency in French, your academic interests, and your personal goals. A three-week Preliminary Intensive French course includes campus visits, meetings with French students, and advisory sessions with MICEFA staff as well as the Rutgers Resident Director, all to help you design a study abroad experience that's tailor made to your requirements.

For more information: https://global.rutgers.edu/program-search/details/universities-paris-micefa-france.

Junior Year Abroad - SCIENCES PO

SCIENCES PO - Paris (Fall, Spring, or Academic Year)

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Sciences Po (the "Paris Institute of Political Studies") is one of France's top-tier universities—one ranking puts it at #52 worldwide. Dating back to 1872, its current strengths are political studies (international relations, political economy, and public policy), finance, management, communications, sociology, and law. Sciences Po offers a European education that's anchored in an international culture, maintaining exemplary standards in research and teaching. Studying at Sciences Po is a challenging intellectual experience for students dedicated to learning in a stimulating environment. Classes are demanding, active participation expected and the work-load includes mid-terms, finals, oral reports and long analytical papers.

In the Sciences Po- Paris program you will be studying in the 6th and 7th arrondissements of Paris. Sciences Po- Paris courses are offered not only in French, but English and other major languages. Sciences Po-Paris is targeted toward majors in political science, European studies, international relations, and communications.

For more information: https://global.rutgers.edu/program-search/details/sciences-po-paris-france
For the other Sciences Po locations: https://global.rutgers.edu/program-search?keyword=sciences%20po&sort_by=title

Rutgers students also have the option of joining Sciences Po's other French campuses. Please visit studyabroad.rutgers.edu for programs in the cities of Menton or Reims.

Junior Year Abroad - other programs

Rutgers students are free to attend accredited study abroad programs sponsored by other institutions.  Where appropriate, we will approve courses equivalent to those offered in our department for transfer credit. 

Please do the following:

Obtain as much course information as possible:  syllabus, course description, program brochure, et cetera.
Meet with an advisor or the Undergraduate Director to go over the courses you plan to take before studies begin.  This will help confirm that the courses are at the right level, do not duplicate courses already taken, and can be given credit.

Upon return:

  • Provide an official transcript from the study abroad program institution to the Rutgers registrar's office.
  • Meet with the Undergraduate Director, bringing course syllabus and any other course information with you.
  • Where appropriate, we will approve course equivalencies for transfer credit.