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Date: 08-03-05 9:25 am
Name: Amy Wygant
Location: Glasgow
Message: Rick was my teacher at Alabama. It's because of him that I went to Hopkins, studied the seventeenth century, became a teacher. His teaching will never leave me. My deepest sympathy goes to his family.


Date: 08-03-05 9:04 am
Name: Vincent Gregoire
Location: Berry College (GA)
Message: I will miss Rick very much. He was my teacher more than 15 years ago but he was also my mentor. I learned a lot from him, and not just about 17th century French literature. He was a wonderful human being who influenced and inspired me quite a bit. Thank you Rick.


Date: 08-03-05 7:45 am
Name: Pierre Force
Location: New York, NY
Message: I didn't know Rick very well, but I knew him well enough to know that he was a mensch, as we say here.


Date: 08-03-05 1:34 am
Name: T. Corey Brennan
Location: Rutgers Classics Department
Message: Rick Lockwood's shockingly premature death comes as a major blow. He was a scholar of real distinction (with genuine cross-period interests) who was a master at building alliances across the university--indeed, across universities. I found Rick a model of patient leadership, and an outstanding organizer of even the most complicated cross-disciplinary ventures. Those ranged from international conference proceedings to the notorious annual Rutgers ACIC technology grant competition to the spring multi-language department picnic at the Log Cabin in Rutgers Gardens. I very much will miss my friend and Douglass Campus neighbor.


Date: 07-03-05 11:11 pm
Name: Francis Assaf
Location: Athens, Georgia
Message: I met Rick less often than other colleagues, but our rapport was always cordial. He was friendly, simple, eminently approachable and always interested in his interlocutor. He will be missed. All my sympathy to his family.


Date: 07-03-05 6:59 pm
Name: Doris Forrest
Location: Freehold, NJ
Message: I knew Rick Lockwood for almost 17 years - I worked with him, and for him as his Administrative
Assistant for 8 years of his Chairmanship. He was a wonderful boss and a good friend. No matter how busy Rick was he always had time for students, as well as for his faculty and his staff, even on the busiest of days. I will also remember how his sense of humor got all of us through many difficult times.
Thank you Rick for being you.


Date: 07-03-05 5:15 pm
Name: Nicolas Gachon
Location: Madison, WI
Message: Of course Rick was all that, but above all he was an extraordinary human being. I was priviledged to work with him for two years and will never forget him, his kindness, his strong handshake, his honest presence ... and the way he would rush into my office with a restrained smile and a twinkle in his eye everytime (and that was all the time) when he came up with an idea. You will be missed, Rick.

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