Graduate Students

Ebengou, Azani Vinciane


Azani Vinciane Ebengou (B.A. Arts du Spectacle, Université Lumière–Lyon 2; joint program with the Conservatoire de Lyon)
Born from a Congolese father and a French mother, with a Leo Sun and Sagittarius Ascendant, Azani V. Ebengou defines herself
as an actress, poet, and insurrectional sister. After completing her acting training in Saint-Etienne and Lyon, France, she started
the graduate program in French in the Fall 2019. Engaged in Afrofeminist activism, thinking and acting out decolonization
is constitutive of all of her endeavors. She is interested in thinking theatricality, theory and literacy in relation to one another,
and in the performative nature of scholarship. Orality is central to her work.

 Research interests and fields:

  • Global black identity and blackness
  • Internationalisme noir, Négritude and its offsprings
  • Activism and literature
  • Afrofeminism, black feminisms
  • Glissant studies
  • Diaspora studies
  • Caribbean studies
  • Theater, performing arts
  • Gender and queer studies