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Mina Khavandi is a 4th-year PhD candidate and Teaching Assistant in the French Department at Rutgers University. Her research interests include French Cinema Studies, Women & Gender Studies, and the concept of self-narration across literature and cinema. Her research envisions a new definition for films by women based on their ability to present femininity as a conscious agency. Her current research deals with the question of what it means to make films and produce images in general and specifically for women emerging from the 1970s France. Her research will draw an analogy between the representations of the female artist in cinema and the challenges and evolutions that cinema faces in its history. Currently she is writing her dissertation tentatively titled: “Aesthetics & Authorship in the French 20th Century Literature and Cinema: Film -a Liberated Genre- and Poetics of the Self”. Mina’s broader academic interests include intersections between art & literature, science & literature, music & literature, the role of literature in life, and theories of linguistic text analysis. Mina is passionate about performing arts such as theater and opera and reflects often on the question of body engagement in literature and cinema. She also sings as Soprano in the Rutgers University Choir.

Professional affiliations : MLA, WIF, NeMLA