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Carole Allamand

Carole Allamand

Associate Professor of French
Acting Chair, Department of French

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Office: AB 4184, CAC 

Office Hours:

Phone: (848) 932-3544


B.A., M.A., University of Geneva, Switzerland
Ph.D., Cornell University

Fields of Research:

XXth and XXIst-century fiction, autobiography, literature and psychoanalysis, animal studies

My essay on autobiographical referentiality –Le “Pacte” de Philippe Lejeune ou l’autobiographie en théorie– recently appeared in the new series “Textes Critiques Français” published by the Éditions Honoré Champion. I am currently working on two book projects. The first one, situated in the field of critical animal studies, examines the connection between the representation(s) of animals in 20th and 21st-century literature and the critique of the anthropomorphic taboo led by many ethologists of this period. The second manuscript, closely related to my interest in, and practice of, fiction writing, is a narrative essay on hoarding.

Books (click on image for details):

Carole Allamand. Le Pacte de Philippe Lejeune. ou l’autobiographie en théorie. Édition critique et commentaire



Other Publications:

  • "The Autobiographical Pact, Forty-Five Years Later." The European Journal of Life Writing. Special issue: A Festschrift for Philippe Lejeune. Volume VII (2018): 51-56.
  • “Du Sommaire au Moindre: l'humanité en fuite.” Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: Sites 16.4 (2012): 517-524.
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  • "Amies mortelles: autobiographie et résistance à la psychanalyse."  MLN 123.4 (2008): 777-796.
  • “L’auteur est dans l’escalier: une relecture de La promesse de l’aube de Romain Gary.” Les Lettres Romanes LXI 61.3-4 (2007): 335-348.
  • “Annie Ernaux: à la serpe, à l’aiguille et au couteau.” The Romanic Review 97.2 (June 2006): 201-212.
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  • "A/Lexis: le silence dans Alexis ou le Traité du Vain Combat." Roman 20-50, 30 (December 2000): 153-163.

Graduate Courses:

  • Writing the Disaster
  • New Literary Animals
  • Autobiography and Fiction
  • Silence(s)
  • Autobiography and Its Discontents
  • The French Realist and Naturalist Novel: Flaubert, Zola, Huysmans. (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio)
  • French Dreams of America (taught at the World Languages Institute)

Undergraduate Courses:

  • The French Writing Workshop
  • Autobiography and the Internet
  • The French Crime Novel
  • Aspects of French Literature I and II
  • The French Novel
  • French Theater
  • Childhood Memories
  • French Civilization


Awards and Distinctions:

  • La plume de l'ours was a Prix Goncourt du premier roman finalist in 2013.
  • SAS Award for Distinguished Contribution to Undergraduate Education. Rutgers University. (2011)
  • Corson French Prize. Cornell University. (1998 and 1995)