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Racialization in Europe: Parallels and Solidarities

Wednesday 24 March 2021 - 11:00am - 

Panel I: 11:10-12:45 EST

Sadia Abbas (Rutgers University), "Racialized Religion and the Management of Life at a European Border"
Max Czollek (Berlin),""De-Integration and the Theater of Memory: The Making and Breaking of Jewish identity in a Post-Migrant Germany”"
Đorđe Jovanovic/Ethel Brooks (European Roma Rights Institute), “Roma Rights in Europe: Decolonisation and Intersectionality“  

Panel II: 12:55-2:30 EST

Annette Joseph-Gabriel (Univ of Michigan), "Black Women and French Citizenship"
Mariekathrine Poppel (Univ of Greenland), "Greenlanders Racialized?"
Jovanovic/Ethel Brooks (European Roma Rights Institute), "Roma Rights in Europe: Decolonisation and Intersectionality"


Co-sponsored with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and Ideas & Futures

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