Junior Year Abroad - SCIENCES PO

SCIENCES PO - Paris (Fall, Spring, or Academic Year)

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Sciences Po (the "Paris Institute of Political Studies") is one of France's top-tier universities—one ranking puts it at #52 worldwide. Dating back to 1872, its current strengths are political studies (international relations, political economy, and public policy), finance, management, communications, sociology, and law. Sciences Po offers a European education that's anchored in an international culture, maintaining exemplary standards in research and teaching. Studying at Sciences Po is a challenging intellectual experience for students dedicated to learning in a stimulating environment. Classes are demanding, active participation expected and the work-load includes mid-terms, finals, oral reports and long analytical papers.

In the Sciences Po- Paris program you will be studying in the 6th and 7th arrondissements of Paris. Sciences Po- Paris courses are offered not only in French, but English and other major languages. Sciences Po-Paris is targeted toward majors in political science, European studies, international relations, and communications.

For more information: https://global.rutgers.edu/program-search/details/sciences-po-paris-france
For the other Sciences Po locations: https://global.rutgers.edu/program-search?keyword=sciences%20po&sort_by=title

Rutgers students also have the option of joining Sciences Po's other French campuses. Please visit studyabroad.rutgers.edu for programs in the cities of Menton or Reims.