Why French?

Donalene Roberts

  • Graduation Year: 2016

Donalene RobertsFrench & Political Science, B.A. May 2016
J.D. expected May, 2019
Georgetown University Law Center

Firstly, I am truly grateful for all the exposés that my French professors require in their classes. French does not come natural to me and to be confident or at least to fake confidence in order to present in another language is empowering...after it's over. I've realized that law is also a foreign language. It is fused with French, Latin and who knows what else but if I get 'cold called' as in if I am randomly asked to present to the class about a case and its legal jargon, I can do so and fake confidence. It is the numerous exposés and the amazing and supportive French professors that have gotten me where I am today.  Secondly, I also now appreciate the 92% being an A which is unlike other classes as it pushed me to always do my best and not submit mediocre work which in the legal world could get me fired or even disbarred.  Thirdly, writing a thesis in French or at least translating is such a feat that once you've completed it, grad school should be a breeze.  Lastly, I truly love and miss the entire French department-they've become a supportive family of which I'm extremely grateful.

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