Teachers at the Louvre

How can I prepare for this program?

 A half-day workshop will be offered on-line in May. During this on-line workshop, you will get to know the director of the program as well as the other participants. You will also be introduced to the goals and contents of the program. A syllabus for the course as well as an introduction to using art in the classroom will be presented to help you prepare for the program. 

What if I cannot attend the online workshop that day?

You will be given access to a SAKAI webpage where you will find the presentations and discussions that took place that day, as well as all the materials that were presented. This SAKAI webpage will remain open and accessible to you for the whole academic year. Additional materials will regularly be added to that course website.

The Director of the program will send you a folder containing a summary of the presentations and discussions as well as all the materials that were handed out.

What do I need to know about French history and art history?

A general knowledge of the XIXth and XXth c. political regimes will be useful. We will provide readings and history "refreshers" at the workshop as well as an extensive bibliography, and additional textook excerpts and materials. No prior knowledge of art history is required.

When should I fly to Paris?

A meeting will take place on:  For your own comfort, we strongly recommend that you arrive at least 24 hours prior to this meeting.

Can I come with relatives or friends?

As long as attending all class sessions remains your priority, and the presence of others doesn’t distract you from your Parisian museums experience, you are free to arrange your stay as you please.

Will I have time to visit the city on my own?

With the exception of two afternoons of group work, participants will be free to explore the city every day after class and on the weekend.

Will other activities be offered?

Your one-year Louvre pass gives you free access to many other museums. The program fee includes a gourmet dinner in a scenic restaurant! Dinners and nights at the movies are commonly improvised, yet not imposed. The Program Director will be available for advice and tips.

How demanding is the program?

Given its brevity, the course will be demanding in terms of attention, but also physical fitness. For instance, with about 12 acres of exhibited art, the Louvre makes its visitors walk, or stand, sometimes in non air-conditioned rooms. Good walking shoes and comfortable clothing are a must. In addition, the program operates at graduate level. This means that short readings will be assigned daily to prepare for the next visit, or to review important ideas. Participants are also required to complete a reflective journal based on their experience in Paris. Finally, participants are expected to complete a first draft of their portfolio’s unit plan by the end of the stay in Paris.